7 health screening that every man should know about it

Taking care of your health is very important. In today’s world, getting a disease has become very common and to eradicate them before they take their full mode on has also become easy. It’s just we need to take extra care of ourselves in order to be safe forever. The way we focus on women’ s health, men’s health should also be given equal importance. It is also important for men to go for a regular full body check up and have a positive aspect in their life.

Health screening has become a significant health factor in our life. That’s the only thing you can be sure of the fact that you are healthy from inside. Health screening has the power to detect any unwanted growth in your body. Early detection can help eliminate the stubborn diseases. A lot of diseases can sit inside your body without any warning signs or symptoms. You will never be noted about it until you have the disease grown in such a way that you will need to minimize it through medication.

If you spend less time at the doctor’s clinic or you ignore your basic health checkup on a periodic basis, you may lead to create complications with your health.

There are many tests and these tests depends on your age, family history and lifestyle routine. so , here you will read about the 7 health tests that every man needs to perform on a regular basis.

Go through them carefully! Try to rectify your symptoms and consult the walk in blood test london for the complete health screening.



You will be free from diabetes if you maintain proper weight and have no risk factors for the disease such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. Men who are above 45 and are overweight may need to go for an AIC test or a fasting plasma glucose test.

Both AIC and fasting plasma glucose are blood tests. Both the test are done in a different way. The AIC test does not require fasting. Sometimes the doctor might even suggest for fasting plasma glucose. In such case, you have to do the test without eating or drinking. Though you can have water for eight hours.


Sexually transmitted infections

If you have been in contact with several partners, you need to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. STDs have been undetected for years until the full blown symptoms. Hence, you need to be extra conscious on this part.

Though it is recommended by many doctors to get the test for STD especially for the age group of 15 to 65 years at least once a year.  This screening becomes more prominent if you love unprotected sex or use used injected drugs or had a blood transfusion.


Body mass index

In order to have a note of your BMI (Body Mass Index), you don’t need to visit to your doctor. BMI is the measurement of your body fat based on your weight and height. Have a regular check by yourself. Buy a weighing machine and keep a note of your BMI. keep a track of these numbers. You can either calculate it yourself or your physician does the math for you.

The body mass index between 18.5 and 24.9 is taken as a normal weight. Although it is not the perfect numbers. It might label healthy people as being overweight. Most doctors have said that this is an important part of evaluating your overall health. This measurement will let you know the full report of your overall health in general.



After you turn 20, it is recommended to every man to have their Cholesterol levels checked every four to six years after they turn 20. Because men have a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, it is really important for men to have their health screening done at walk in blood test london.

The more Cholesterol your body creates, the more risk you create for your heart. When it comes to heart diseases, Cholesterol will be always there to disrupt the normal function of your heart. Your doctor will recommend you for a health screening when you have diabetes, high blood pressure or you are a regular tobacco consumer. These are all the potential causes for heart disease.

Cholesterol levels are measure through blood tests. Before the test, you are not suppose to eat at least for 9 to 12 hours. The cholesterol test measures the total cholesterol level, HDL (good) cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and triglycerides. Based on the report of your health, your doctor will further instruct you on how to balance your diet or may prescribe you medication if the levels are abnormally high. The medications will lower the cholesterol.  Health Assessments can help to check the overall condition of your health.


Blood pressure

Just like high cholesterol, high blood pressure is another condition that needs to be within the check range. The test happen by putting a rubber cuff  which will squeeze your arm and will give you the measurement of the blood flow through a large artery in the bicep.

Pharmacies will also help in giving you the measurement. They will provide you with the monitoring devices. If the systolic pressure cracks 130 or diastolic goes over 85, then you are at the higher range for blood pressure. Your doctor will then suggest you change in your lifestyle such as cutting on salt, exercising more or prescribe certain medication.



When the men turn 50, they are advise to check for colon cancer. It is very common in men and need a full observation on any irregular cells in the body. If you have a family history of colon cancer, you can do the health screening at walk in blood test London in order to rectify the diseases soon.

The test is done by passing a small camera which is inserted into the anus which is used to discover large intestine for signs of cancer or polyps.

You have to empty your bowels completely before undergoing the examination. This emptying signifies fasting for at least one to three days or drinking lots of liquids. Colonoscopy won’t make you feel uncomfortable as you will be put on sedation throughout this procedure. If the doctors have fail to identify the signs of Colonoscopy, you will put to another test for the next 10 years.


Prostate exam

There’s a huge talk on this cancer as being suitable for testing. The thing is Prostate cancer screening  could be unnecessary and can be expensive. They can do more harm than good. It’s always a better option to consult with your doctor first before going for the screening. You need to discuss about the pros and cons related with the test. Prostate cancer detects the false-negative or false-positive results. As many types of prostate cancer progresses slowly. You won’t get any benefit from the screening as will ultimately have to lose a lot of money doing the test.

Hence, before jumping on the test, make sure you have a thorough conversation with your doctor and discuss with him regarding every sector of queries. The symptoms include, having trouble urinating or urinating frequently.

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