A Rundown on the Good and Bad Sweets for Children’s Teeth

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Every child is born with a sweet tooth which makes him/ her crave for candies, toffees and other sticky food. This can severely damage the teeth and gums. But there are some sweets that are good for your teeth. Wait for what? Did you hear the word good with sweets? Well, it is true that there are a variety of sweets that can help to improve dental health. Later both the good and bad sweets will be discussed to compare which one to choose for your child.

Why take care of Children’s Teeth?

Before discussing the good and the bad; the emergency dentist for kids recommends that you know the reasons behind as to why it is important to take care of your child’s teeth at an early stage. It has been observed that adults who have developed problems of teeth were not taking proper care of them. In later years the following problems can be avoided when having proper dental solutions.

  1. A good set of teeth helps to develop perfect biting and chewing. When a child is biting on the food and chewing it properly will help in the proper digestion of the food. This will make the overall health of the person better. The proper alignment of the teeth is also very important.
  2. The movement of the lips and the tongue inside the mouth enables a person to produce different sounds. If the teeth are in the correct position then the movement of the tongue will create a perfect
  3. A person gains self-confidence when someone compliments the smile. If the teeth have plaque, cavities or are not properly aligned then the person will avoid smiling and others will think that the child is sad and having a lot of troubles.
  4. When the dental health of the child is good then it will ensure that the child will focus more on the studies and other activities. As compared to a child with oral health problems will always complain about tooth pain and loss of teeth and can’t focus on education.
  5. The child who has been well taken care of the teeth will develop good permanent teeth as adults. The roots of the teeth must be strong and have a firm grip on the gums. You can visit any good dental clinic like Pediatric Dentist Tulsa to have a proper guide on taking care of the teeth of your child.

Good Sweets for child’s Teeth

As mentioned in the beginning that there are sweets that are good for the teeth and you can give it to your child. Most people must have told you that candies and other sweets are harmful to your teeth. But not all of them are bad; some of them can literarily improve the development of teeth.

Sugarless Products

Sugar is the worst enemy of teeth and gums and children are very difficult to stop from having it. There are candies and toffees available in the market that have very less or no sugar in them. The taste of these candies remains the same but the harmful sugars are eliminate.


The special combination of compounds in chocolate is considered to be much better than fluoride when it comes to fighting the decay of the teeth. These compounds in the cocoa beans help to harden the enamel on the teeth. But it is recommend that a specific quantity of dark chocolate must be taken; excess intake can cause damage.

Anything Sweet with Nuts

The fibers and proteins in the nuts are very helpful to decrease the intensity of the stickiness of the sweets. The various types of micro-organisms that breed on the teeth can be broken up by the nuts that are added in the candies and other sweets.

Chewing Gums

Allowing your child to chew gum can give various benefits for the teeth. It helps to increase and maintain the flow of saliva when you chewing gum all of the tiny food particles come off to form the teeth and also it erases the bad smell from the breath.

Bad Sweets Damaging the Teeth

Now it is time to mention the sweets and candies that are very harmful to your child’s teeth. It is not very difficult to pinpoint the bad apples from the basket but sometimes things don’t look what they seem; so it should mention in plain words.

Sticky Sweets

If you will read the ingredients on the sticky candies and sweets; then it will be reveal to you that all things add to make candy has sugar in it. The name is give to it because it sticks on the surface of the teeth and becomes hard to take out.

Candy that is Tough

Any type of hard candy is very harmful to the teeth because at many times the dentists have treated children with cracked or chipped teeth. The reason is that the child ate candies and toffee that were very hard.

Acidic Candies

There are many varieties of candies in the market that have different kinds of acidic content in them. This makes the candy sour in taste and the acidity of it causes harm to the teeth and gums and the parents have to run off to the emergency dentist for kids to suggest treatment.

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