ABOUT Global Hand Washing Day

Global Hand Washing Day is an annual worldwide advocacy day dedicated to advocacting for handwashing with cleaning soap as an easy, effective, and lower priced manner to prevent sicknesses and shop lives.

International handwashing day changed into founded through the worldwide handwashing partnership, and is an opportunity to design, test, and reflect creative ways to encourage human beings to clean their fingers with cleaning soap at critical instances. International handwashing day is widely know every year on october 15th.

The primary international handwashing day was hell in 2008. While over 120 million youngsters around the sector washed their fingers with cleaning soap in extra than 70 international locations. Since 2008, network and countrywide leaders have used worldwide handwashing day to unfold the phrase about handwashing. Build sinks and tippy taps, and show the simplicity and price of smooth arms. Considering the fact that then, international handwashing day has persisted to develop. Worldwide handwashing day is advocate by using governments, colleges, international institutions, civil society groups, ngos, private corporations, individuals, and more.

The 2020 worldwide handwashing day topic is “hand hygiene for all”. This yr’s topic follows the current global initiative calling on all of society to scale up hand hygiene. Especially through handwashing with cleaning soap. This yr’s subject matter reminds us that we have to paintings in the direction of universal access and practice of handwashing with cleaning soap for now and for a healthy future.

No matter your role, you can rejoice worldwide handwashing day. This internet site is the significant repository for all of the tools necessary to make your event a achievement!

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