Advanced wound care: 4 amazing benefits

You may be wondering, how can there be any difference between normal and advanced wound care? Shouldn’t all wound care be advanced to the point that it heals the patient in the most efficient way possible?

This is true, but it doesn’t take the best advanced dressing to treat each and every patient! Minor wounds can be treated with your classic wound care products, the type of bandages, gauze and plasters that you find in your everyday first aid kit.

The cutting-edge option, conversely, is designed to facilitate oxygen flow to a larger wound whilst providing an environment to prevent tissue and cell death (necrosis).

Okay, we get it: all this sounds a bit gross, but if you’ve ever had to treat a patient who needs this level of care before they can be treated at the hospital then you know just how vital these products can be.

We are going to take a further look at their top class benefits below, but first, a little more about this awesome treatment option:

Defining this treatment

This cutting-edge wound care is a medical treatment that can treat wounds that are struggling to heal. It can be divided into three categories, including:

  1. Wound healing: The process in which the skin heals itself, and this includes the formation of new blood vessels, new skin cells and removing any dead tissue that may be affecting the wound;
  2. Infection prevention: This is the process of stopping an infection from entering the affected area. This can be done through cleaning the wound using the right products antibiotics and sterile dressings if required.
  3. Restoration: restoration is the process of rebuilding tissue that has been lost or damaged to an abrasion. This can include the release of growth factors, the creation of new collagen fibres or that of new blood vessels.

The four main benefits of advanced ressing

There are four outstanding benefits of using this treatment option, and these include:

  1. They can obviously enhance the treatment process

Naturally, these products are designed to enhance the healing process through reducing inflammation and providing a safe place for new cell growth. This means that the patient’s wound can heal faster and with less discomfort. Occasionally, they may even be able to heal without the need for additional procedures or surgery.

  1. It can improve the wound’s aesthetic outcome

Many people report a better aesthetic result after using this cutting-edge treatment option. This is because this alternative can help reduce the amount of swelling and scarring that occurs around the affected area, as well as helping to reduce the appearance of scarring after certain injuries and procedures.

  1. It can improve an injured person’s quality of life

Advanced dressing can help improve an injured person’s quality of life as well as reduce the amount of pain they are suffering. Furthermore, it can help an injured person’s mobility, helping them to enjoy physical activities that they may have thought they were unable to partake in due to the injury’s severity.

  1. It can prevent infection

Again, one of the main reasons medics and the general public use this kind of dressing is to prevent any infection from entering the area. The last thing a patient wants with a pre-existing injury is for infection to enter the affected area and develop into something worse, so this treatment is one of the best ways to ensure infections are unable to spread in the wound.

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