Can I get reading glasses that I can wear all the time?

Yes, you can! If you are looking for reading glasses that are over-the-counter type or single-vision, we recommend you get your reading glasses with an anti-glare and anti-UV coating. This is because when you say ‘all the time’, the time you spend outdoors in the sun is also included. You should note that reading glasses have magnification properties. This means that if you use them under the sun, they will intensify the harmful UV rays as well. That’s the reason why an anti-UV coating is so important, and this is what makes us at Specscart provide them with all our glasses online at no additional cost.


Do Reading Glasses Make Your Vision Worse?


Well, that’s a myth floating around the internet –  using reader glasses all the time weakens your vision even more. To bust it for you today – quite certainly, they don’t. The people who think reading glasses make your vision worse forget the fact that reading glasses are for those with Presbyopia. This is a disorder faced by older adults of the age 40 or more.


Presbyopia is sometimes called to be as evident as death. Because with each passing day your eyes are losing their strength anyways. So, if your eyes are worsening, it’s not the reading glasses that are to blame, but your age. That’s one of the reasons why people don’t prefer wearing reading glasses all the time.


Varifocal Reading Glasses – The Saviour 

Another reason that makes people reconsider their decision to use reader glasses all the time is the discomfort caused by single-vision reading glasses when you use them to look at farther distances. For this concern, we recommend using Varifocals or Progressive lenses. These lenses have three focal points, one for reading, one for non-reading activities and one intermediate portion of the lens for helping you move your eyes comfortably from the reading portion to another. Thus, you can wear them all the time without any discomfort or sudden changes in magnification that happen when you put on and remove your regular reading glasses.


Blue Light Glasses – For The Modern-day Readers

The era we live in comes with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and similar screen devices all around us. It will be a shocker for us if these devices don’t make a part of your ‘all the time’ activities. If you are a reader, you might be reading most of the time on these devices that come with the harmful blue light.


In case you don’t know, blue light can not only hurt you with eye-strains and headaches but poor sleep quality as well. That’s because with blue light reflecting on your eyes, the body stops producing the sleep hormone – melatonin, as it assumes that it’s day time. This means your daily bedtime reading if done on a screen may do you more harm than good.


To save you from all this, we recommend you get a blue light protection coating on your reading glasses to help you battle against its ill effects. Yes, you get that too on Specscart at a mere cost. Thus, making your reading experience as ethereal as you want it to be.


So, now that you are aware of all solutions regarding the sun, the screens, and the problems of looking at farther distances, we encourage you to get your reader glassesand enjoy using them. You can always get a free eye test done at our stores or your home at a minimal cost. Or if you know your single vision strength, get ready to choose your glasses online from the variety of styles and colours we have for you at Specscart.

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