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After reading and reviewing numerous products on infertility, ACIM in my opinion offers the most valuable information on understanding and treating infertility.

The methods they present in Pregnancy Miracle to reverse infertility are all natural methods that require no drugs or surgery. The methods are laid out step by step and are easy to follow.

This book differs from other guides because it truly focuses on finding a natural cure for your infertility issues.

It covers all the possible reasons you may be having trouble conceiving in vast detail from simple things such as not knowing exactly when you ovulate to more advanced issues such as fibroids. Then the book gives you every detail necessary to fix the problem and stop wondering “why can’t I get pregnant”.

Pregnancy Miracle provides the most valuable, comprehensive, detailed information I have come across regarding infertility, pregnancy, holistic health and Chinese Medicine. The book is packed with information and is well over 250 pages.

With all that said, if you are looking for a quick fix, this book may not be for you. As I stated earlier, the book is over 250 pages and provides a detailed outline of a wide range of possible causes of infertility and a step by step process on how to cure each one.

If you are not patient and willing to invest the time necessary to follow the steps in the book in order to have a child, don’t purchase the book, you will just be wasting your money.

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