How To Lose Belly Fat: The Complete Diet and Exercises

Do you want to make a body too? But you are a vegetarian and cannot even make time to go to the gym. Apart from this, you cannot afford expensive gyms. Whatever the difficulty, its solution is around. We will tell you how you can make a body with a homegrown and vegetarian diet. In the olden days, wrestlers used to make their bodies from the Indian vegetarian diet plan. Wrestlers like Dara Singh and Sushil Kumar have earned a name all over the world by eating this diet plan. You too can easily get a muscular body by following this desi diet.

Generally, the daily diet in the house is called the ‘Desi Diet’ or ‘Macro Diet’. This diet contains minerals, vitamins, proteins, healthy fat, and a healthy macro of carbohydrates.

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What is Macro Diet?

Any food, whether raw or cooked (raw/cooked food), contains protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The values ​​of these three are called macros or macronutrients they are present in every food. Your fitness also depends on the correct calculation. Simply put, by changing the amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrate, you can make your own body. Most of the youngsters believe that only those who eat non-veg make a body or that non-veg is necessary to build a body. So friends, if you think so then it is completely wrong.

Non-veg contains significant amounts of Lean Protein. Therefore, the body of non-veg eaters develops quickly. On the other hand, if you talk about desi food, then there is also no shortage of things rich in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. But the problem is that non-veg gives you lean protein whereas the vegetarian diet gives you fat and carbohydrates along with the protein, so that the problems are that muscles do not grow easily.


Non-Veg Diet

If you eat 400 grams of non-veg (Chicken, Fish, Beef) in 24 hours in total, then it will get about 90 grams of protein in the whole day. On the other hand, if you eat eggs too, it gets 6-7 grams of protein from each egg.


Veg diet 

There are many sources of protein in vegetarian diets. Such as lentils (7 g), quinoa (14 g), soybeans (14 g), brown rice (7 g), soya chunk (50 g), cheese (18 g), and oats (13 g). (Calculations per 100 g)


What is included in this diet plan?

This diet plan has the right combination of protein, carb, and fat. In this, you are getting 1400 calories from 50 percent carbohydrates, 840 calories from 30 percent protein and 560 calories from 20 percent fat. This diet plan has a total of 2800 calories and this calorie intake will give you your length, weight. And can adjust BMR-Basal Metabolic Rate according to age.

-Carbohydrate – 350 gm, 1400 cal.

-Protein – 210 gm, 840 cal.

-Fat – 63 gm, 560 cal.


Desi Vegetarian Diet Plan


Morning tea: 7 am – 8 am (Optional)

1 cup of tea, along with cardamom ginger, sugar content 5-8 gm


Breakfast: 8 am – 9 am

(Macro Calculation: Protein 30 gm, Carbohydrate 55 gm, Fat 12 gm)

Bread (Chapati) – 2

Tea or Milk – 1 Cup (150 ml)

Paneer or Tofu – 100 gm

Snacks 11 am – 12 noon

(Macro Calculation: Protein 39 gm, Carbohydrate 60 gm, Fat 6 gm)

Paneer – 100 gm

Banana – 2

Milk – 1 cup (150 ml)


Lunch 2 pm – 3 pm

(Macro Calculation: Protein 20 gm, Carbohydrate 75 gm, Fat 13 gm)

Green capsicum – 1/2 cup

Potato – 1/2 cup

Ginger / Garlic / Onion – 2 to 4 spoon

Curd (curd) – 1 cup

Bread (Chapati) – 2

Coconut oil / Ghee – 1/2 spoon


Snacks 5 pm

(Macro Calculation: Protein 23 gm, Carbohydrate 40 gm, Fat 13 gm)

Oatmeal (Broken Wheat) – 1/2 cup

Almonds – 18 peace

Raisins – 2 spoon

Milk – 1 cup (150 ml)


Dinner 8 pm – 9 pm

(Macro Calculation: Protein 13 gm, Carbohydrate 62 gm, Fat 4 gm)

Black Gram – 1/2 cup (80 gm)

Onion / Tomato – 2 spoon

Ginger / Garlic – 2 spoon

Cheese – 200 gm

Chapati / Rice – 2 piece or 1 cup (150 gm)


Post Workout Meal After Workout

Banana Shake


Reduce belly fat for men


There was a time when an exhaled stomach meant that the banta belonged to a healthy family. Now the era is six-packs. Fact is more important than the total amount of body fat, the correct distribution of fat in the body, ie excess fat in the whole body is not as dangerous as accumulating only around the stomach. Waist size more than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women causes obesity-related diseases. In this way, we are telling you some easy exercises and yoga which will reduce belly fat in just 1 month.


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Effective Exercise for Reducing Belly Fat :


Aerobic exercise: This exercise is very important to reduce abdominal obesity.


Walking- The most effective exercise to reduce abdominal obesity is to walk for 45-50 minutes daily with fast steps.


Swimming- Swimming is a good exercise for the whole body. This causes too much calorie burn. This increases the metabolism rate, so it  is quite beneficial.


Jogging – This is another popular exercise which can prove to be excellent for you. This increases your heart’s pumping capacity and improves your metabolism. Jogging around 2 kilometers daily causes a lot of fat burn.


Cycling- Cycling is very effective for extra weight loss. Cycling in the open for about 1 hour daily burns 300 calories.


In this way, you can get a flat tummy:


Vertical leg crunch


This is what you call a crunch. In this, all you have to do is to straighten your legs and bring it down slowly. While doing this keep the hands behind the head. This will put emphasis on the stomach. Begin with two sets of 10-10 and gradually increase to 20-20.


Reverse crunch


This is an excellent exercise to strengthen core muscles. Lie on your back, lift the legs upward and stop at 90 degrees. After this, place your hands behind the head and try to get up by pushing the stomach. Initially go towards Right 5 times and 5 times towards Left. Try to put a set of 15-15 slowly.


Mix exercise


Cardio (exercises in which the heart starts beating faster than normal to about 145 beats per minute), 15 minutes muscle building (putting 2 sets of 10-10 dumbbells, lifting weights on the bench, chest and back exercises in the multi gym, Etc.) and 10 minutes abs exercise (crunch) can reduce stomach.


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Take Support of Yoga:


If you do not have time to sweat in the gym, then yoga can also be a great way to reduce belly fat.


  1. Tadasana i.e. mountain pose – This improves blood circulation and makes your body ready for serious exercise.


  1. Surya Namaskar- It has 12 yoga positions and each pose has a different effect on your body. Bending position back and forth causes body stretching. This is accompanied by detoxification from deep breathing. In the morning, when the sunlight is not hot, then it is more beneficial to face the sun and salute the sun.

  1. Padahastasana i.e. bending forward – in this, sitting on the floor, try to touch the knees with the nose stretched forward. This causes a lot of fat burns, especially belly fat.


  1. Pawanmuktasana- It reduces the discomfort of gastric, indigestion, and constipation. Since your knees put pressure on the stomach in this posture, in this way, there is a lot of fat burn from the entire area around the stomach within a few minutes.


  1. Naukasana – It is very effective in reducing abdominal obesity. By staying in this position for even a minute, the abdominal muscles feel stretched and your abs are toned.


  1. Ustrasana i.e. Camel pose – This pose is opposite to Naukasana. This will reduce the tension on your abdominal muscles during nauksan and will give good toning of muscles.


  1. Uttanpadasana- It helps in removing fat from the lower abdomen, thigh, and hip. After pregnancy, it is very effective in removing fat stored around the waist.


  1. Dhanurasana- This pose gives a good toning of your stomach. Along with stretching of the stomach, it also tones the muscles of the back, thighs, arms, and chest and improves your posture.

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