Learn about Greenstick Fracture treatment which is important

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Before we discuss what Greenstick Fracture is, let us first examine where the name has come from. This conditioned was derive from the name of a type of wood know as greenstick.

When you try to break this wood, it will be hard to break it all the way through. This is the same for a greenstick fracture. The bone breaks but not completely. There are still parts attache together. Greenstick fracture normally happens in kids. This is because the bones of younger individuals are more flexible than the bones of adults. Instead of being broken completely, the bone just bends and breaks a little. This is also one of the reasons why this kind of fracture is quite difficult to diagnose. It has symptoms but the symptoms are not that evident unlike the usual fractures and other bone problems.

What you have to do?

You may also know the presence of this condition from abnormally twisted arm or limb. Symptoms may resemble that of sprain therefore it is very important to have the affected area diagnosed carefully by experts. When should your child see a doctor? As soon as you notice that your child is having difficulty moving a part of his body. You should call your doctor right away and have him checked. Most children with greenstick fracture find it difficult to move the affected area because of weakness or pain. This is especially true your child loves playing sports and loves doing vigorous physical activities. Active children who always run around are more prone to getting a greenstick fracture. In some cases greenstick fracture will not manifest any symptom making it difficult for the doctors to determine the condition. Some people however feel pain and notice swelling in the affected area.

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What to do with children at this situation?

Children are naturally active. They love to play with their friends. They love running around and having fun. However, there are times when accidents happen. Some accidents are inevitable. There will be times when children are hurt because they fall or slip. In many cases, these accidents do not lead to serious accidents. Nevertheless, there are also cases when mishaps bring consequences such as greenstick fractures. Greenstick fracture is a type of bone fracture that is most evident in children. It is a condition that involves soft bones. You know that bones are soft if they are young and still flexible. Like the wood of a green stick, soft bones do not break totally. This is where the name of the fracture originated. Before we discuss the symptoms of a greenstick fracture, let us first examine the different types. The first type is know as the transverse fracture.

Second type is know as the torus fracture. It is a type of greenstick fracture that is normally cause by impaction. The third type is the bow fracture. This fracture occurs when the bone is ben. The bone creates an angular shape similar to that of a bow.

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