Organic cow ghee price

Ghee is becoming globally popular because of its several health benefits. But, not all the qualities are the same as there are lots of brands available in the market. Among all types of ghee, organic cow ghee price is normally higher than other types. We all know organic ghee is a premium quality dairy product and so it is costlier. Unique and pure materials are used to make organic ghee. The organic dairy firms use only organic milk and maintain certain rules to get organic certification.

Now the question comes why choose organic dairy farming. We all know that the quality of the milk largely depends on the diet of the cows and so it is proven that grass-fed cows produce the best quality milk which contains maximum nutrients. So naturally, if this milk is used to make ghee, it will be of the best quality.


Know some features of organic dairy farming

In an organic dairy farm, cows are allowed to roam on the green pasture where they can graze around. In short animal welfare is taken as one of the most important points in organic farming for maintaining stress-free happy cows in stable conditions. No antibiotics or hormonal medicines are used on the cows. They are mostly fed on green grass which increases the level of beta carotene and CLA, and other nutritional properties in their milk. Organic cow ghee price varies because it is produced from costly organic milk only.


What are the nutritional properties present in organic milk?

According to the study, there are several chemical dissimilarities between organic milk and conventional milk.  In the conventional dairy farms, the cows are kept captive and they are fed on grains. This process makes them stressed and the produced milk is not of good quality. On the other side, ghee produced from organic milk contains higher omega-3 to -6 ratio than the conventional milk-products. This is one of the reasons organic milk is costlier than conventional dairy milk. Organic cow ghee is make from organic dairy cow milk and organic cow ghee price gets higher in the market.


Why Milkio Organic Ghee?

The most important thing is to check the organic certification before buying organic ghee. Milkio Organic ghee is certified by BioGro, the leading product certifier of New Zealand. Our premium product is quality-assure as it is produce from 100% grass-fed pure cow milk. Milkio organic ghee is certified by AsureQuality and BioGro, NZ and also holds USDA Organic standard. Our ghee stays fresh up to 12 months without refrigeration support. Milkio organic cow ghee is more nutrients-rich than any non-organic ghee in the market and so Milkio organic cow ghee price is a little higher.

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