Original Rose Toy Are In Vogue For Girls?

Melodious themed dolls and Original Rose Toy, which are latest in vogue, are the only medium to excite the girls. Based on these tastes of girls, the various toy making companies are producing various types of colorful and beautiful dolls and toys. Further, we will discuss about the various toys which have reined the hearts of the girls.

The American Idol Talent Challenge has produced a DVD game in which the performers are showing the real concerts and the judges are also giving live comments. This innovative technology of Tech2Go has inspired many children to become an American idol. It has a microphone and a sound mixer which can be easily hooked to a DVD player and the kids can sing with their favorite idol performer. The Barbie doll has added a new vogue in its series. This is named as Princess Rosella Doll which is having a unique twist and decorated with a dazzling gown of blue color and a line of feathers spreading out at the backside which seems to be like a peacock.

Apart from these, Hannah Montana has introduce a doll which starts to sing as the microphone is raise up to its mouth. It seems as if a live concert is being enjoy by the girls. Again the Pop Stage is make eye-catching by constructing it using extraordinary sound and lighting effects. This company has also introduced an electric guitar which plays the hit songs of Hannah Montana. It includes a microphone and a headset by which a kid can sing his favorite song by playing the guitar. Besides, Disney has launched High School Musical I and II which contains various dolls. The high school musical I has the dolls Gabriella, Troy and Sharpay. And the high school musical II has the dolls Ryan, Chad, and Taylor. Both the sets have their unique role to play and give pleasure to kids.

Again, Hasbro has brought in a new collection for the preschool kids named as Rose Petal Collection. This collection consists of the rose petal cottage. And the accessories like a lounge chair, appliance sets, a Makin’ Muffins baking set and a nursery. So the girls are having the various options to play and enjoy. This company has also introduce another toy which is name. As the Littlest Pet Shop Display & Play Round N Round Pet Town which is design as a pet shop and a pet town. The specialty of the pet town is that it consists of a canal which highlights the gondola ride with a salon and a cafe.

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