What factors condition the price of Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia shows up for a few reasons, for example, hormonal changes, weight increase, innate elements and the utilization of steroids and different medications to improve the body. Contingent upon the reason for Gynecomastia, a few procedures are offered at Gynecomastia clinic. The male bosom decrease methodology may comprise of a careful strategy, a liposuction or a mix of both.


  • It is perfect for men with overabundance bosom tissue because of the utilization of steroids and hormonal changes.
  • Surgically expel thick sinewy tissue in the chest zone.
  • The cuts are covered up with the goal that the presence of scars is insignificant.

First, you must understand that the price of Gynecomastia depends on each patient, since each person is unique and therefore your case is different from that of any other patient. There is no fixed and agreed price among Gynecomastia specialists. Each plastic surgeon can set a price based on their training, their experience, the prostheses they use, the medical equipment that accompanies them in each intervention, the hospital and the quality of care before and after surgery, among other factors.

Your surgeon must have a solid enough training to generate enough confidence to get in his hands.

Medicine is constantly evolving and therefore a good professional must always be training and participating in courses and conferences.


All surgeries must be performed in the operating room of a hospital that has an ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Any other option means raising risks exponentially.


One of the factors that causes the price of Gynecomastia to vary is the surgeon’s experience. It is not the same as having performed 1,000 interventions than 5,000 interventions. The degree of experience is key. We must always seek the “put into expert hands.”


Surgery is a team work and therefore a good surgeon must lead a powerful group of qualified professionals. Ask your surgeon to explain in detail which professionals will accompany you in the operating room.


Many times we have found that some patients ask how much an intervention costs that is not really what they needed, so providing prices by phone or posting prices on a website is a practice advised against by medical associations.

The same goes for websites that offer medical treatments (usually at dangerously low prices). The most prestigious medical societies recommend that only medical services be contract after being examine by the specialist.

There have been cases of patients who have passed their first consultation with a commercial that “pretended to be a doctor” (wearing a white coat). In other cases the patient only sees the plastic surgeon before the operation, since they leave the postoperative period in the hands of other people as nurses, for example. Undoubtedly these are very important factors that the patient must take into account, since the quality of the assistance he will receive depends on them.

Added Values

All good professionals try to improve their services every day. Each plastic surgeon can offer you different added values that added to the previous ones vary the price of Gynecomastia.

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