Why It Is Good To Go For HIV Screening ?

The only way to know whether or not you have HIV is going for an HIV screening. It is recommended for all individuals between the age group of 13 and 64 to get tested for HIV at least once as an important part of their routine health care. People at high risk must go for regular tests to keep themselves safe. When you know your HIV status, it helps you in taking steps to keep you and your partner healthy. In most of the countries, 1 in 8 people suffering from HIV does not know they have it.

It is completely normal to get worried about HIV but screening for HIV helps in keeping your mind at ease and decreases the stress of not knowing about it. People often cancel going for a screening thinking about the result, but when you know your status, you will have more firm control over your health.

An HIV screening helps in determining whether or not you are infected with HIV, a kind of virus that weakens your immune system and may result in acquired immune-deficient syndrome (AIDS). Some of the HIV prep tests involve checking for those antibodies that a body immune system makes for fighting off the infection. Some other test involves looking for the presence of the virus itself. The quick test gives outcomes in 20 minutes:.

Who are at high risk for HIV?

  • A person having physical relation with an HIV positive partner.
  • A person with more than one sexual partner.
  • Individuals who have injected drugs or shared needles with others.
  • People who have been diagnosed or treated for another sexually transmitted disease.
  • Persons suffering from hepatitis or tuberculosis.
  • Pregnant women must do HIV screening to protect their child from getting HIV.
  • Anybody who has been sexually assaulted or is exposed to HIV must go for post-exposure prophylaxis and HIV antigen test so that it can be detected earlier.

Why it is important to go for HIV screening?

As we all know the only way to know whether you have HIV or not is by getting tested, you must go for screening in your routine health check-up.

Have a look at some of the other benefits of getting HIV test:

  • If by any chance you test positive, then you can start taking medicine for treating HIV. If people who have HIV, take medicine as prescribed can live long and healthy lives. There is also a vital prevention advantage, of taking medicine as prescribed and keep a record of unidentified viral load. Doing that you have a very low risk of transferring HIV to your sexual partner.
  • If you test negative, you have many prevention tools to avoid HIV.
  • If HIV positive pregnant women are treat at early stage, the risk of transferring the infection to her child decreases.


HIV screening is quick and easy!

The process of HIV screening is very easy, rapid and affordable. It’s the only way to know whether or not you have the infection or not. Based on the type of test, it is either rapid saliva or blood test. Nothing is painful. Sometimes it is possible to get test at home with kits.


A positive outcome means you can start treatment!

If you have HIV, getting diagnose at early stage assists you in living a long life as well as a healthy life. It also reduces the amount of HIV in your body and saves your immune system from damages. With correct treatment and care, the affected person can live as long as an average normal person. So, you must test for HIV frequently.


Testing keeps your partner healthy as well!

When you go for HIV prep frequently and know your status, it means you are taking care of your sexual partner also. If you are positive you can prevent passing infection by using protection during physical contact. And by initiating and continuing anti-retroviral treatment you will decrease the HIV level in your body, thereby reducing the chance of passing HIV. Effective anti-retroviral treatment decreases the level of the virus to such an extent that it may become undetectable and doesn’t show p in your normal blood test reports.

When it is confirm by your healthcare professional, you cannot pass the virus to your partner through physical intercourse. But it is important to monitor your viral load to ensure it is still undetectable. No one can know your outcomes until and unless you decide to tell them. But when you are positive you should encourage your partners too to get tested. It helps them in protecting their health.


Benefit for community!

Research has shown that it is better to get test for HIV if you want betterment for your community: HIV screening is an important part of HIV prevention efforts. People who are unaware of their infection are more likely to transfer the virus to other persons when compare to persons who are aware of their infection. Do you know 30% of people who do not know about the positive status of their infection are responsible for 70% of new HIV infections? When people who are pretty aware about their HIV status, they can help in substantially reducing the high-risk behaviour when it comes to HIV infections. When people get engage in HIV care, they can decrease the viral load to a lower level. And people with lower viral level are less infectious during sexual contact. This also decreases the community viral load which means decreased transmissions.


Several economic benefits!

There are several economic benefits for HIV screening; they decrease transmission and also help in identifying HIV infection at an early stage. HIV treatment is a little bit expensive, but it costs less when treatment starts at an early stage. Later stage of HIV also leads to several other infections and other problems.

So, now that you have known everything about HIV screening. It’s time to search for a good and reliable clinic to get test for HIV.

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