Yes, Meryl Streep – Un Curso De Milagros Do Happen

Un Curso De Milagros: Well, without him knowing, the kid he was referring to had been given take home stories on a piece of bond paper with highlighted difficult words, solely for his own word reading problem. Every day. Every week. Every month. Until such time he mastered all targeted words, I would then mix with sight words forming a short, comprehensible story for him. As for comprehension purposes, had him answer the questions like: what is the title, who are the characters, who did what and so on.

This simple yet practical way of helping kids with reading difficulty has been my strategy since I handled so -called, the least, the lost and the last.

With this, I managed to help other teachers make their own stories out of the difficult words encountered by their target challenged readers and see improvements in their kids reading speed and comprehension. Little by little. Step by step. The process went on.

Truly, this has made miracles in my reading class, and now to keep their reading desire alive, I see to it that even during summer they have time to read so as not to have a relapse on their reading problem/s next school year, where they are about to have more challenging readings to make.

However, teachers are not present 24/7 to these kids’ learning journey. So..

Parents/guardians of said kids are the ones tasked to continue monitoring their kids reading habit, and should do necessary intervention when they start digressing. Supplies of books, magazines and other reading materials should surround them, and reading to or with them is not bad.

Again, repeating Meryl Streep… Teachers perform major miracles… daily!

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