Don’t believe these Allergy Myths people tell you

There are several ideas and concepts that are true and proven by researchers and scientists around the world. But these are still a few beliefs and interpretations that are not true according to Allergy Asthma Consultants. They are myths ad need to be nullified before it can create harm for the people with allergies by misguiding them.

Difference between Allergies and Common Cold:

Many people get confused between allergic reactions and the common cold. Many of the symptoms are the same but the following factors must be kept in mind when determining the real allergy or cold.

  1. If the reaction is immediate then it is confirmed that you have an allergic reaction because the symptoms of cold appear after 3 days of exposure.
  2. The common cold goes away most probably in one or two weeks. But the allergy remains there until the allergens are present in the environment.
  3. As the name suggests seasonal allergies it occurs at the same time of the year but cold has so specific timing.
  4. There is no fever and body aches are very common in cold but no such symptom appears in an allergic reaction.
  5. If the people raise or rub noses with their palm; making an allergy salute then it means that the person has an allergy.

Allergy Asthma Consultants warn about these Myths:

There is a lot of false information that is spread through various sources to mislead the people about allergies. It may happen that some of the situations occurred with people but the circumstances must have been different. So don’t believe in the following myths that many people might tell you.

Cut or Trimmed Flowers a cause:

The pollen from the flowers is the main cause of allergy but that is when the period of seasonal allergy is at its height. But the flowers in the vase are detached from the whole plant so how it can spread pollen all around.

Beach is a Pollen Free Zone:

Although the level of pollen count is much lower near and on the beaches you can never be free of pollen from the area. There are many species of beach grasses that have pollen in them that can create an allergic reaction. Even the pollen from ragweed can reach very far away.

Allergies will disappear completely:

If people say that their allergy has completely finished then their ailment was because of something else,not an allergic reaction. Allergies can shrink in symptoms but they can’t totally cease. There can be an improvement in their condition but not outgrow completely.

Pollen after the Rain:

The pollen count lowers immediately after the rain when the weather is chilly and the days are soggy. In the late afternoon, the pollen reduces in number but is very high in the morning. So if you have seasonal allergies then the favorite time is either following heavy rain or just after afternoon.

Mold Allergens are indoors:

It is a common misunderstanding is that molds are only found in homes where damp and moisture exists. But these microscopic spores are found where leaves are decaying, rotten wood is present and on damp soil. Molds are the most active in the spring and autumn season.

Hay causes Hay Fever:

Majority of the people are of the view that hay is the only cause of hay fever. It is an allergic reaction that is the result of the pollens and molds from different trees and plants that spread across wide areas. Hay has nothing to do with it; it is just given the name.

Allergy Shots are Helpful:

If you are thinking that they are helpful to completely cure the allergies then you have been misguided; as they only minimize the symptoms and reactions. You will be surprised to know that up till now no rock-solid cure has been discovered.

Adults don’t have Allergies:

It has been observed that many people don’t have any kind of allergy during childhood but as they older into adults; all of a sudden they develop allergic reactions. There are many factors that contribute to it; change of lifestyle, the discovery of new allergens and exposure to the allergen the trigger the allergic reaction are one of them.

Asthma Patient no Exercise:

It is true that asthma creates difficulty in breathing only when the patient is exposed to triggers; otherwise,they remain healthy. Make sure that the patient remains hydrated because dry mouth and airway is a major trigger of an asthma attack.

Cure allergies with Air Purifiers:

The job of an air purifier is to adjust the air composition of the room to make it cleaner to breathe. If you are of the view that it can eliminate the pollen and other allergens from the air; then it is not the job of the device.

Egg allergy so no Flu Shots:

If someone says that he/ she are suffering from egg allergy but they can’t have flu shots then Allergy Asthma Consultants explains that it is not true. There must be another excuse for the reaction but it is very less likely that flu shots give any reaction.

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