Simple Toning Exercises For Women

When we exercise we keep a few factors in mind. Women, who exercise daily, are commonly under the notion that they are doing it for losing weight. Even though they are over-weight, they can any day workout to tone their bodies.

The workout should be done by keeping other factors in mind too. If you simply follow the regime to lose weight or burn fat, then it can get a little monotonous. Slim ladies must do this program to make their body firm and toned.

Toning should be done for a few reasons. It helps in tightening all the loose muscles on the body. Toning makes your skin firm and helps in exaggerating your figure.

Simple Toning Exercises For Women


This is the most effective and easy workout program for any body type. It does not require you to take a gym membership or purchase weights. The workout can be practiced in the open air or at home appvalley. Begin with stretching your arms forward and sitting in a chair position.

The position has to be as if you are sitting on a chair with backrest. Ensure that the spine is straight. Now go up and down for at least 50 times. Finish it for 200 times. It will make your lower body and abs rock solid.


Push-Ups in the Wall

Once again, women do not have to join a gym or enroll in any activity for this workout. All you need is a stiff wall and yourself. Take your palms and place them on the wall. Keep them apart and follow the distance between your shoulders.

Now with your back straight and legs at least 10 meters away from the ball, lift your body on your toes. Like a normal push up, go ahead and back with your arms while still on the toes. This regime will give you strong arms and sturdy calf muscles.


Hula Hoops

Yes, hula hoops are a great way of toning your sleek figure. This has been considered as the best toning exercise. A hula hoop is a round rim made out of plastic. It is commonly made for the use of children.


The lady is supposed to make the hoop go round and round around her waist. Initially, it may be extremely difficult, but with regular practice, it will be a child’s play. Ensure to practice it for 20 minutes a day without fail.


Brisk Walking on an Elevated Treadmill

Any type of cardio-related exercise is considered very useful. Under this, you will have to do brisk walking on the treadmill. See to it that the treadmill is inclined till a certain limit. Do this work out for at least 20 minutes.

You are allowed a pause after the 10th minute. It increases your stamina while making your body firmer. So these were a few simple, yet effective toning exercises for women. If practiced regularly, they too can achieve that toned body like a celebrity.

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