Invisalign Full Braces

Invisalign is an orthodontic device prescribed by a dentist for the ordination of the teeth. The device has been made specifically for those who don’t like to be seen with dental braces on their teeth. They are only slightly visible. That is, they are transparent braces, and this is the most lovable feature about them.


People wishing to arrange their misshapen teeth, but continue with their social or executive activities, can go ahead to use Invisalign as it straightens all the crooked teeth incognito. It also adds a benefit, as you do not need to bother about the unpleasant appearance which comes with wearing teeth aligners that are too obvious.


The method of using Invisalign arrangement braces is sometimes referred to as “Invisible Braces system”, and it uses clear arrangement trays that are removable and help to align your misshapen teeth in the subtlest practical manner.


Invisalign full in London is the earliest method of Invisalign which can be used to correct various kinds of teeth straightening issues.

This article informs you on the advantages, disadvantages and treatment price of Invisalign full system of teeth alignment, to make you decide if it’s the best method you’d want for treating you.



Invisalign braces differ from the regular teeth alignment appliance, which is the metal brace method that uses brackets when they’re being attached to the teeth. They, alternatively use sets of transparent Aligners made of plastic, that slowly move the teeth into the precise place with time.


Every single Aligner is shaped precisely to use the right amount of pressure to straighten specific teeth during treatment. Every fortnight, you’ll need to replace the Invisalign braces with new ones to continue the alignment process.


Invisalign system makes use of special computer software that includes scanning and three-dimensional printing to arrange a precise treatment method. This software predicts an image of what the outcome of the treatment will look like on your teeth even before you’ve started it.


Invisalign full in London treatment usually lasts between one year and one and a half years. You’ll need to go to your dentist every one or two months for a checkup and to place an order on getting another set of braces.

Your orthodontist might attach tiny additions to a few of your teeth, that would help the braces to attach themselves firmly to your teeth during treatment. They are the only part of the braces that are most obvious.


There are a few people who are not eligible for Invisalign treatments. However, 9 out of 10 people with teeth alignment issues can gain from the treatment.


The best benefit that most transparent aligner braces patients have is the subtlety that Invisalign braces possess compared with regular metal braces with brackets. Only a professional or someone familiar with clear braces will even notice that you have braces on at all!


It enables you to leave your dental mindfulness to wild abandon, as you trust that your teeth are well aligned without giving away the fact that you have an appliance on.


Another benefit is that the Invisalign braces can be removed. This eccentric feature allows you to take it off when attending important social or professional functions like meetings and other events. The need to take photos often accompany such events and Invisalign full in London give you the comfort of taking the aligners off to take a picture. This is not the case with metal braces, which have to be fixed with brackets and so cannot come off casually.


Despite this removable feature, Invisalign braces still have to be worn for a total of 20 or 22 hours every day to make the treatment work as expected and also to make it effective and fast. The aligners though, have to be removed before brushing, eating and drinking (except water) and to be cleaned. It can be cleaned using a toothbrush, and you can clean your teeth as usual.


Also, these transparent aligners are advantageous in the sense that they are much more comfortable than wearing regular metal braces which tend to bring out sores in the mouth, particularly when wearing them for the first time.Somehing to consider before treatment is where to get an affordable cost of Invisalign Full in London.


In as much as Invisalign full in London treatment can be recommended in 9 out of 10 orthodontic cases, other types of braces might be needed for cases like:

  • Teeth rotation.
  • Vertically aligning the teeth.
  • Treat much more serious cases of teeth disorders.
  • Patients who cannot cope with wearing the braces for the required time.


This is why assessments are necessary as they provide you with the information and professional services of determining the suitable alignment treatment tailored for you.

Let us quickly summarise differently, the advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign Full Braces.



  • Nearly invisible.
  • Made of Smooth and convenient materials.
  • Can be removed.
  • No change in diet, as any food can be eaten because of the removable feature.
  • Suitable for treating 9 out of 10 cases.
  • No sores and hurting got from adjustments and tightness.
  • Can observe good dental hygiene as teeth can be cleaned as usual.



  • Needs a strong will to maintain the required time for wearing.
  • Might be costlier than regular braces.
  • Usually leads to speech complications like lisping.
  • You need to be eligible for usage else; you can’t use it as a treatment method.


There are different types of Invisalign braces used to treat various patients. Each method has to be recommended by a dentist as they know, which would be suitable for each individual and the severity of their respective cases. They are:


  • Teen: This teeth alignment system is almost the same with the Invisalign full, only that this one has specific features tailored to encourage teens to ensure a successful treatment process.
  • Lite: This one is for much less severe cases of teeth alignment and slight cases, and so it lasts shorter than the full treatment. It lasts for only about seven months.
  • i7: This one is for just very slight cases of teeth disarray that are not severe at all. All it uses are seven Aligners for three months.


For people living in the UK, you must know that the National Health Service does not treat with the Invisalign method. They only treat individuals below 18 years of age and only with regular metal braces.


For you to be treated by the National Health Service as an adult, you must have a very peculiar case. This is why 90% of adults who want to have their teeth arranged, seek treatment in private clinics such as ours. We, at Dental Clinic London, offer a full payment plan ranging from £2,400 – £4,400 depending on each individual and the severity of their case. For more severe cases, the treatment plan is often longer, which leads to more Aligners, and therefore more work.


Also, prices depend on the expertise of your orthodontist. Most experts charge more because they offer the most effective and lasting treatments. You wouldn’t want to pay a penny less and having your money spent over an unsuccessful treatment at the end. That is why it is necessary to weigh the orthodontist’s expertise more than how much the payment plan varies from other clinics’ price.


Here, at Dental Clinic London, we understand your dilemma in choosing the best treatment for as affordable as it’ll cost, and as such we offer the most affordable cost of Invisalign Full in London for the best dental experts in the area.


If you still insist on getting the cheapest Invisalign system of teeth alignment because the price of Invisalign is a bother to you, then there are other alternatives of Invisalign that are cheaper for you.

All you need to do is contact the closest Invisalign providers in London for details on suitable methods. Sometimes, certain factors will make you use other alternative methods. For example,  maybe you have a very severe malocclusion, or perhaps you’re bothered your child may not wear the appliance for the recommended time each day.

The other kinds of subtle braces are:

  • Clear Braces: In this appliance, everything, including the brackets, is made from transparent materials.
  • Lingual Braces: This kind of teeth alignment appliance is usually fixed behind the teeth, and so it is not obvious at all, as it is hidden out of sight.


We hope that after you must have gone through this article and had our dental assessment, you will be fully convinced about which treatment plan to follow.


Conclusively, Invisalign Full is a teeth alignment treatment plan for individuals who want to have good teeth aesthetics without having to bother about looking awkward during the treatment, as a result of using obvious appliances.


The only difficult thing about this appliance is wearing it for the estimated period. That is, not taking it out for too long so that the treatment can be successful.


As for the payment price, it’ll surprise you to know that it is not as expensive as you think because the price range doesn’t differ so much from other malocclusion treatment methods.


At Dental Clinic London, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best treatment methods at the most affordable rates. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us or call London based Invisalign providers.


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