What is piles? Piles and Causes of piles

What is piles? Piles and hemorrhoids can be very painful, symptoms burn or itchy, resulting in some embarrassing situations. Technically, we all have hemorrhoids, but it is only when they become inflamed or aggravated that they become a problem that we commonly call hemorrhoids. What is piles? a common problem causes of hemorrhoids are very painful.


 Causes of piles

The causes of hemorrhoids are diverse and no theory has been proven. However, we probably know most of them: excessive stress in the stool or excessive time in the toilet (reading, etc.). However, there are other reasons we are not aware of.

They are Two types 

  • Internal hemorrhoids,
  • External hemorrhoids

As in (unhealthy) diets low in fiber, pelvic tumors, pregnancy or genetic causes (weakening of the rectal wall) usually divide hemorrhoids into two categories: internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are not painful but can become a major problem when they are dilated in the anus. There are usually four “categories” of internal hemorrhoids,

Which doctors must penetrate their severity (fourth-worst). External hemorrhoids are very painful and will generally require medical attention if it contains blood clots.

When the treatment and cure of a hemorrhoid are discovered, you should also pay attention to ways to prevent hemorrhoids (which will help further help, and thus heal the hemorrhoids you suffer.


 Piles home remedies food 

Piles home remedies food you must keep your bowel. The movements have softened. This can be done by drinking high fiber foods (such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains) and plenty of water. Also, do not spend too much time in the toilets (do not rush too) and try to stay clear of laxatives because it may be the best.

If you need to take a laxative, stay away from strong laxatives unless advised by your doctor. Regular hot baths also help prevent irritation.

Serious problems with hemorrhoids may require surgery. However, the doctor must decide if this treatment of hemorrhoids is necessary. Outpatient treatment includes banding and sclerotherapy.

Both methods include methods of hemorrhoids to reduce or lose blood flow and fall. This type of surgery generally concerns first, second and third-degree hemorrhoids (internal hemorrhoids),

For more severe types of hemorrhoids, surgical removal is necessary. It requires two treatments called hemorrhoidectomy.


Treatment creams naturally

It is important to remember that hemorrhoids usually require treatment. However, there is an alternative treatment for hemorrhoids that can also work for severe cases of hemorrhoids.

Although most creams, ointments, and suppositories reduce pain and itching (and do not actually cure hemorrhoids because they relieve symptoms and allow the body to heal), there are some natural creams such as Neo Healing. Treatment creams that are usually

Quite cheap and very effective. In addition, they can save you an embarrassing appointment at the doctor and provide both relief and treatment. Made entirely from natural ingredients, there are also no complications that can sometimes occur with pharmaceuticals.

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