Do You Have a Skin Infection? When to Call a Doctor for its Treatment?

Skin infection is part and parcel in everyone’s life, no matter how old you are or what your geographical location is. It can happen due to several factors. A skin infection occurs due to factors like a cut, a tattoo, a piercing or a bite/sting. These infections are sometimes excruciating and troublesome but seldom are they dangerous.

Sometimes you get infections when germs get into your body through a cut or a wound. Most of the time, the immune system can handle those germs, but if it gets into your body in a large quantity, it becomes tough for your immune system. Skin infection treatment Treatment is very much essential for those kinds of infections.

What are the symptoms of skin infection?

If you experience any of these points mentioned below, then you have some skin infection:

  • If a red skin appears around an injury.
  • After getting a cut in your skin, pus or fluids are seen to be leaking out.
  • If the injury has a yellow colored pimple with a crust on its top.
  • If the injury pain increases after a few days.
  • A swelling that has occurred on your body gets worse after a few days.
  • Along with the points mentioned above, you are experiencing a high fever.

Though the symptoms mentioned above can be eczema as well, people who have eczema get skin infections more often. If the medicines which are applied to eczema do not work, then it is time for you to get treated for skin infection.

When to Call a doctor if you have skin infection?

If you experience the following symptoms from your infection, call a doctor right now or go directly to Southlake General Surgery, since they treat skin infections of every kind.

  • When you experience a fever of more than 100.4 degrees, it is best not to waste any more time. It is not healthy for you to stay locked-up in your home when you are suffering that much.
  • If the injury pains a lot call the doctor. You need to get a proper skin infection treatment Treatment, taking pain-killers for the immense pain will the worst idea. Certain infections even get worse by taking unsupervised counter-top medication.
  • If you notice the redness surrounding your injury or swelling is spreading very fast, go to the nearest general physician immediately. When you have stitches from a surgery, it is reasonable to have a red or pink color around the stitches. But, if the color changes drastically and you experience immense pain with that, go directly to the hospital.
  • If the injury has pus, crust or fluid, then also you should call your doctor within 24 hours.

But do not panic, since these infections are not life-threatening. Your doctor is more likely to diagnose you with fungal, bacterial or parasitic infection. The doctor will most probably prescribe you with antibiotics in case of bacterial infection; antivirals in case of viral infection and antifungal creams or powders in case of fungal infections. Also, make sure to inform your doctor when did you last get your tetanus shot.

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