Steps to Find The Best Online Food Ordering System for Restaurants

Online food ordering systems are crucial to survive the cut-throat competition in the market. For selecting one, you should check if they are profitable, offers an exclusive restaurant app, customer data, benefits to loyal customers, and back-end support etc? Too much? Let’s break this down for you.


Food online ordering systems have successfully acquired a huge chunk of the market when it comes to receiving orders for restaurants. They do not only offer the ease of having food delivered at your home on the go, various loyalty discounts and offers also enable customers to save a buck with each order.

However, if you are one of those restaurateurs who have not yet incorporated an online ordering system or restaurant ordering app in your business, it is high time that you do.

Read along to discover the steps that will help you select the best online ordering system for your restaurant.

Step 1: Look for Real-Time Analytics

Customer data enables you to make better relationships with people and empowers you with information to give them customized offers to come back to you. This data helps restaurateurs later to make informed decisions about the marketing strategies, menu, and promotional campaigns that you should adopt.

Also, if the system knows about loyal customers, it will help increase the rate of retention by offering up-scaling services like loyalty and reward programs.

Step 2: Mobile Ordering App for Restaurants

Since we tend to spend most of our time with our smartphones now, it is only prudent to enter into business with an online ordering system provider, which provides an app too. The restaurant-ordering app will give users an interactive and satisfactory experience, where they can go through the menu, add-ons, updates, and explore possibilities for customization before placing their orders.

Obviously, the application will act as the go-to  ordering service for customers and you will end up having more downloads and more orders.

 Step 3: Affordability and Profits

If the online ordering system is charging you a commission on every order they deliver, no matter how popular you become, you are losing a part of your profits.

Therefore, sound plan is  to choose an online food ordering system that charges a minimal subscription fee or flat rate, which is valid for an unlimited number of orders.

Step 4: Benefits for Loyal Customers

The online ordering system that you opt for should have data analytics in place to separate the infrequent customers from the regular ones.

This is crucial because, in order to retain regular customers, you must make them feel special. And, what better way to do so by having your ordering platform offer them loyalty discounts?

Step 5: Back-end Support and Ease-of-Use

Interface presented to the customers, and used by the staff – should be interactive and easy-to-use. Otherwise, the staff might avoid using the software at all. Moreover, it should offer complete software support, both online as well as offline.

Now that you know the characteristics of the best online system out there, wait no more and incorporate one in your restaurant business now!

Restolabs online ordering system and mobile app is a powerful, but simple system that has can digitize the most complex and extensive menus. Not only that, its in-built marketing tools, loyalty programs and real-time analytics reports ensure that your customers don’t go to any other restaurant, but yours. So, get your customer data, increase your orders and keep your customers coming back to you!!

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